The Best Movies About Cults

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Movies about cults, controversial religions, and religious leaders.

No. These aren't cult films, they're the best films about cults. Scientology, the Illuminati and the Masons, some people might add Mormons – there's nothing like a good cult story. Plenty of films have stories about a cult: Fight Club, Eyes Wide Shut, Rosemary’s Baby, The Master, and Race with the Devil. As you can see a lot of them are horror or thriller movies about cults, there are even some that are based on Jim Jones.

Many of the movies featured on this list are based on true events and take an honest look at what makes a cult, how mind control is a factor within cults, the historical events that have surrounded various cult tragedies, and controversial religious organizations and their secrets. If you've ever wondered how you fit into this, consider what fictional cult you are based on your zodiac. Some of these cults are purely fictional, while others are very realistic.

This list is made up of the best cult movies so vote up your favorites and vote down the ones you hate L. Ron Hubbard say you must do so, or face excommunication.  Then be sure to check back for new movies about cults as they are released.

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