The Best Movies About Depression

The films on this list of the best movies about depression, have been ranked by the community as the best. This list features the best depression movies and is compiled from the most popular titles on the subject of depression. Many famous and critically acclaimed films have been made that feature characters struggling with depression and look at depression in other ways. What are the top movies about depression?
This list includes titles that have been top box office hits and many of the films featured on this list have received multiple awards as well. Some of these films about depression feature true events that inspired the movie, while others are completely fictional in nature. A variety of genres are also on this list, including drama, action, comedy, and romance.
The top films that deal with the topic of depression appear on the list below including The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Hours, Little Miss Sunshine, What Dreams May Come, The Royal Tenenbaums, American Beauty, Winter’s Bone, and Prozac Nation. Vote up the best movies about depression or add a film you think is great that isn't already on the list and then check out the best television shows about depression.

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