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The films on this list of the best movies about Hitler have been ranked by the community as the greatest. Hitler lived from 1889 to 1945 and was responsible for the Nazi era in Germany. One of the most hated historical figures, many films have been made about his life and his period of dictatorship. What are the best movies about Hitler and his life?
This list features the best movies about Hitler, either from a historical viewpoint or with the inclusion of fictional events. Some of these films about Hitler star famous celebrities like Tom Cruise, while others are foreign films that take an international look at Adolf Hitler.
The films on this list are the best movies about Hitler and include titles such as The Devil with Hitler, Hitler: The Rise of Evil, Valkyrie, Downfall, Gandhi to Hitler, The Holcroft Covenant, and Angels of the Universe. Vote up the best movies about Adolf Hitler below or add a film you think is great but isn't already on the list.

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Alexandra Lara, Bruno Ganz, Thomas Kretschmann Downfall is a 2004 German film directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, depicting the final ten days of Adolf Hitler's reign over Nazi Germany in 1945. The film is written and produced by Bernd ...more

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g00gle-cansuckmynuts added Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler

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Mollevangsvagen added Triumph of the Will is a 1935 propaganda film directed, produced, edited and co-written by Leni Riefenstahl. It chronicles the 1934 Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg, which was attended by more ...more

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Tom Cruise, Kenneth Branagh, Eddie Izzard Valkyrie is a 2008 American-German historical thriller film set in Nazi Germany during WWII. The film depicts the 20 July plot in 1944 by German army officers to take down Adolf Hitler and to ...more

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Liev Schreiber, Julianna Margulies, Peter O'Toole Hitler: The Rise of Evil is a Canadian TV miniseries in two parts, directed by Christian Duguay and produced by Alliance Atlantis. It explores Adolf Hitler's rise and his early consolidation of ...more

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Look Who's Back is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list The Best Movies About Hitler
Alvin Brown added Oliver Masucci Look Who's Back is a 2015 German comedy film directed by David Wnendt, based on the bestselling satirical novel of the same name about Adolf Hitler by Timur Vermes. Adolf Hitler (Oliver Masucci) ...more

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Peter Kern, Heinz Schubert Hitler: A Film from Germany, called Our Hitler in the US, is a 1977 Franco-British-German experimental film directed by Hans-Jürgen Syberberg, produced by Bernd Eichinger, and co-produced ...more

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mondomacabromajor added Hitler Lives!

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Thomas Kretschmann, Sylvester Groth, Dana Vávrová Stalingrad is a 1993 war drama film directed by Joseph Vilsmaier. The movie follows a platoon of World War II German Army soldiers transferred to Russia, where they ultimately find themselves ...more

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Inglourious Basterds is listed (or ranked) 10 on the list The Best Movies About Hitler
elton added Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Diane Kruger Inglourious Basterds is a 2009 German-American war black comedy film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino and starring Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz, Mélanie Laurent, Michael ...more

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Kyle Williams added Gene Wilder, Kenneth Mars, Zero Mostel The Producers is a 1968 American satirical dark comedy film written and directed by Mel Brooks. The film is set in the late 1960s and it tells the story of a theatrical producer and an ...more

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mondomacabromajor added

The Winds of War is a 1983 miniseries (prequel to War and Rememberance), directed and produced by Dan Curtis, that follows the book of the same name written by Herman Wouk.  Gunter Meisner as Hitler, Howard Leng as Churchill, Enzo Castellari as Mussolini, Anatoly Chaguinian as Stalin, and Ralph Bellamy as FDR.

The Winds of War is Herman Wouk's second book about World War II, the first being The Caine Mutiny. Published in 1971, it was followed up seven years later by War and Remembrance; originally ...more

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mondomacabromajor added Jessica Tandy, Cedric Hardwicke, Leo G. Carroll

The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel (1951) James Mason's first film as Erwin Rommel, Luther Adler's first as Adolf Hitler.

The Desert Fox is a 1951 biographical film about Field Marshal Erwin Rommel in the later stages of World War II. It stars James Mason in the title role, was directed by Henry Hathaway, and was ...more

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trannon-goble added Richard Basehart Hitler is a film directed by Stuart Heisler released on March 21, 1962.

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mondomacabromajor added Carole Lombard, Jack Benny, Robert Stack To Be or Not to Be is a 1942 American comedy directed by Ernst Lubitsch, about a troupe of actors in Nazi-occupied Warsaw who use their abilities at disguise and acting to fool the occupying ...more

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Lars Hammett added Anthony Hopkins, Piper Laurie, Susan Blakely The Bunker is a 1981 CBS television film, Time/Life production based on the book The Bunker. The film, directed by George Schaefer and adapted for the screen by John Gay, is a dramatisation ...more

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Tom Hiddleston, Colin Firth, Kenneth Branagh Conspiracy is a BBC/HBO television film which dramatizes the 1942 Wannsee Conference. The film delves into the psychology of Nazi officials involved in the "Final Solution of the Jewish ...more

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mondomacabromajor added Alec Guinness, Julian Glover, Peter Sallis Hitler: The Last Ten Days is a 1973 British-Italian biographical drama film depicting the days leading up to Adolf Hitler's suicide. The film stars Alec Guinness and Simon Ward and the original ...more

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Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Billy Gilbert The Great Dictator is a 1940 American satirical political comedy-drama film starring, written, produced, scored, and directed by Charlie Chaplin, following the tradition of many of his other ...more

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The Fall of Berlin is a 1950 Soviet war film and an example of Soviet realism, in two parts separated in the manner of a serial, directed by Mikheil Chiaureli, released by the Mosfilm Studio. The script was written by Pyotr Pavlenko, and the musical score composed by Dmitri Shostakovich. It starred Vladimir Savelyev and Maria Novakova as Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, with Mikheil Gelovani as Joseph Stalin.

Berlin is a 1945 film directed by Juli Raisman.

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Omar Sharif, Peter O'Toole, Christopher Plummer The Night of the Generals is a 1967 Franco-British WWII mystery film directed by Anatole Litvak and produced by Sam Spiegel. It stars Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif, Tom Courtenay, Donald Pleasence, ...more

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mondomacabromajor added Bill Nighy, José Ferrer, Tony Randall

Apart from Adolf Hitler (played by actor Colin Jeavons), several historical figures in the SA and the SS appear in the film. These include: Reinhard Heydrich (played by David Warner), Ernst Röhm (played by Michael Elphick), Heinrich Himmler (played by John Normington), Theodor Eicke (played by Derek Newark), Sepp Dietrich (played by Bernard Lloyd) and Viktor Lutze (played by John Dicks). The character of SA-Gruppenführer Josef Biegler (played by actor Paul Brooke) was a composite of several real life SA generals and not based on any one particular person. David Warner, who played Heydrich, originally played the SS general in the 1978 TV miniseries Holocaust.

Hitler's SS: Portrait in Evil is a 1985 TV film about two German brothers, Helmut and Karl Hoffmann, and the paths they take during the Nazi regime.

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Edward Norton, Edward Furlong, Beverly DAngelo American History X is a 1998 American drama film directed by Tony Kaye and written by David McKenna. It stars Edward Norton and Edward Furlong, and co-stars Fairuza Balk, Stacy Keach, Elliott ...more

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mondomacabromajor added Frank Finlay, Caroline Mortimer, Robert Cawdron The Death of Adolf Hitler is a 1973 British television videotaped drama, an episode of ITV's Sunday Night Theatre series. It stars Frank Finlay as Adolf Hitler and Caroline Mortimer as Eva ...more

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mondomacabromajor added Rutger Hauer, Miranda Richardson, Michael Kitchen

Fatherland is a 1994 TV film of the book of the same name by Robert Harris made by HBO, starring Rutger Hauer as March and Miranda Richardson as McGuire. The aging Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler (Rudolf Fleischer), looks on in grim resignation as American President Joseph Kennedy's motorcade bypasses his Berlin reviewing stand.

Fatherland is a 1994 drama, fantasy, romance and thriller film written by Stanley Weiser, Ron Hutchinson and directed by Christopher Menaul.

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Vlastimil Brodský, Jiří Sovák, Vladimír Menšík Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea is a 1977 Czechoslovak comical science fiction film directed by Jindřich Polák. It is a screen adaptation of Josef Nesvadba's short story ...more

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mondomacabromajor added The Plot to Assassinate Hitler Maximilian Schell, Wolfgang Preiss, Paul Bildt Der 20. Juli is a film directed by Falk Harnack released on June 21, 1955.

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mondomacabromajor added Hermann Erhardt The Last Ten Days is a 1955 Austrian-German drama film directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst.

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mondomacabromajor added War and Remembrance

War and Remembrance Sequel to The Winds of War (TV Mini-Series 1988– ) stars Steven Berkoff as Adolf Hitler, based on the novel of the same name written by Herman Wouk, which aired from November 13, 1988, to May 14, 1989.

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AntiRacist Hitler is listed (or ranked) 30 on the list The Best Movies About Hitler
Mollevangsvagen added Miss Albion, Mr. Kiwi, Joe O.

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mondomacabromajor added Jan Werich, Boris Andreyev, Mikheil Gelovani The Fall of Berlin is a 1950 war drama film written by Mikheil Chiaureli and Pyotr Pavlenko and directed by Mikheil Chiaureli.

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mondomacabromajor added Bob Balaban, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Otto Sander Conversation with the Beast is a 1996 film by Armin Mueller-Stahl. The film is about an American researcher, who interviews a 103-year-old man claiming to be Adolf Hitler. The film was released ...more

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mondomacabromajor added 100 Years of Adolph Hitler is a 1989 film directed by Christoph Schlingensief.

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mondomacabromajor added Nikolay Cherkasov, Yuri Tolubeyev, Nikolai Kryuchkov The Battle of Stalingrad is a 1949 two-part Soviet epic war film about the Battle of Stalingrad, directed by Vladimir Petrov. The script was written by Nikolai Virta.

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mondomacabromajor added Sebastian Koch Speer und Er is a three-part German docudrama starring Sebastian Koch as Albert Speer and Tobias Moretti as Adolf Hitler. It mixes historical film material with reconstructions, as well as ...more

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mondomacabromajor added Ian McKellen, Peter Vaughan, Alex Norton Countdown to War is a 1989 historical drama film written by Ronald Harwood and directed by Patrick Lau.

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mondomacabromajor added Ludwig Donath The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler is a 1943 war film, directed by James P. Hogan. The film follows a man who plans to murder Adolf Hitler and steal his identity.

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mondomacabromajor added Karen Lynn Gorney, Andrea Sooch, Drummond Erskine One Hundred Years Of Evil is a 2010 comedy adventure history film written by Oliver Blackburn, Erik Eger, Magnus Oliv and Joacim Starander and directed by Erik Eger and Magnus Oliv.

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mondomacabromajor added Mein Kampf Götz George, Tom Schilling, Wolf Bachofner

AKA Dawn of Evil: Rise of the Reich

Mein Kampf is a 2009 film directed by Urs Odermatt.

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Michael Caine, Laurence Olivier, Christopher Plummer Battle of Britain is a1969 action film directed by Guy Hamilton.

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mondomacabromajor added Ewan McGregor, Rosamund Pike, Alan Cumming Jackboots on Whitehall is a 2010 British model puppet adult animated satirical action comedy war adventure film portraying an alternate history of the Second World War, in which Nazi Germany has ...more

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mondomacabromajor added The Hitler Gang is a 1944 American pseudo-documentary film which traces Adolf Hitler's political rise, purportedly based only on documentary fact. The filmmakers chose to avoid casting stars in ...more

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mondomacabromajor added Uncle Adolf Elaine Cassidy

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mondomacabromajor added Sylvester Groth, Ulrich Mühe, Ulrich Noethen My Führer – The Really Truest Truth about Adolf Hitler is a 2007 German comedy film directed by Dani Levy. The setting is World War II, around New Year's of 1945. This comedy tells the ...more

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Ali Reza Shokoufandeh added Hitler's Grave, also known as Heaven's Taxi, is a film by Daryush Shokof. The film is about an Iranian girl played by Taies Farzan] who leaves Iran in order to fulfill two promises she makes to ...more

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mondomacabromajor added Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, River Phoenix Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a 1989 American adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg, from a story co-written by executive producer George Lucas. It is the third installment in the ...more

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mondomacabromajor added The Magic Face

This is a strange film, almost a docudrama from 1951 titled "The Magic Face" starring William L. Shirer (as himself), Luther Adler (THE DESERT FOX) gives an outstanding performance as an anti-Nazi Viennese actor who becomes Adolf Hitler's valet, assassinates him, takes his place and ruins Nazi Germany's war efforts. Directed by veteran director Frank Tuttle (THIS GUN FOR HIRE), this is a fascinating World War II fantasy thriller.

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mondomacabromajor added Mélanie Laurent, Jean Reno, Gad Elmaleh The Round Up is a 2010 French film directed by Roselyne Bosch and produced by Alain Goldman. The film stars Mélanie Laurent, Jean Reno, Sylvie Testud and Gad Elmaleh. Based on the true ...more

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mondomacabromajor added Michael Moriarty, Wyatt Page Hitler Meets Christ is a film that premiered at the Cinequest Film Festival in 2007 and went on to play at other festivals internationally. Written as a play by Michael Moriarty, then titled ...more

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Marlon Brando, Dean Martin, Montgomery Clift The Young Lions is a 1958 CinemaScope war drama film directed by Edward Dmytryk, based upon the 1948 novel of the same name by Irwin Shaw, and starring Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, and Dean ...more