The Best Movies About Kidnapping

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Movies about kidnappings and kidnappers.
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No one wants to be kidnapped, but everyone loves a good kidnapping movie. Human trafficking, a parent's fear that their kid could mysteriously disappear off the school playground one day, drug related kidnapping, news footage of a victim of a kidnapping finally returning home after being gone for two decades, seeing a group of friends, families and neighbors searching through the forest for a missing child – films about child abductions run the gamut, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Some of the movies featured on this list involve a kidnapping story based on real life events where a child has gone missing, the emotional traumas they suffered, how many years it took for them to be found, and how it affected friends and families. Others create a fictional world in which a kidnapping occurs.

This list has the best kidnapping movies, including: Taken, Ransom, Man on Fire, Along Came a Spider, Misery, Kiss the Girls, Don’t Say a Word, Proof of Life, A Perfect World, The Missing, and Breakdown.

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