The Best Movies About Lawyers

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A courtroom drama and other movies with lawyers in them can be quite riveting. Movies about lawyers and attorneys are some of the most suspenseful, thought-provoking films in the industry! There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a mystery, an act of crime, and the months that go into a trial. We love movies that feature an in your face kind of famous lawyer who will bring up questions we never even thought to ask!

The lawyer movies on this list feature some of the greatest attorneys in all of film. Who can forget Jack Nicholson's  "you can't handle the truth!" or the tenacity of Erin Brockovich? You might also like funny lawyer movies like My Cousin Vinny.

This list has the best movies about lawyers, including classic lawyer movies: A Few Good Men, The Devil’s Advocate, To Kill a Mockingbird, Philadelphia, The Verdict, A Time to Kill, Presumed Innocent, The Firm and Kramer vs. Kramer.

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