The Very Best Movies About Life After Divorce

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This list contains information on the best life after divorce movies, ranked from best to worst by user votes. The best films about life after divorce come in many forms. Some good life after divorce movies find women reconnecting with themselves while other good films about life after divorce are about raising kids. Many of the best newly single movies star award-winning actors and actresses.

What films will you find on this top life after divorce movies list? Sideways has to be near the top. Paul Giamatti stars as an unpublished author struggling with life after divorce who joins his best friend on a single-guys road trip in this 2004 film. Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor took home the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for writing the film's script. Mrs. Doubtfire is another great film about post-divorce life.

Under the Tuscan Sun is a beautiful film about a woman (played by Diane Lane) rediscovering herself – and learning to love again – in Italy. Other good life after divorce movies featured on this list include Boyhood, The Squid and the Whale, and Hope Floats.

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