The Best Movies About Long Distance Relationships

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Movies about characters who are in a long distance relationship.

There’s a reason that classic stories like William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet appeal to us so much. The thought of not being able to be with the person you love the most in life is almost unbearable. The inspiring message that love never gives up, no matter the cost is one of the most powerful forces in nature. Many drama movies have been about long distance relationships and this list has all the best ones.

The movies featured on this list tell some of the greatest long distance relationship stories in the history of film. It’s impossible not to be deeply affected by a story like a woman who refuses to let go of her fiancée even in the midst of war and leaves everything to search for him!

This list has the best movies about long distance relationships, including: A Very Long Engagement, The Notebook, Message in a Bottle, Gone With the Wind, An Affair to Remember, and Cold Mountain.

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