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The Best Malcolm X Movies, Ranked

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From documentaries to biopics, we're ranking the best movies about Malcolm X. The human rights activist has been depicted numerous times in film and TV, but this list only features movies where Malcolm X is the central character. What is the best Malcolm X movie?

In one of his greatest roles, Denzel Washington portrayed the African-American advocate in the Oscar nominated movie Malcolm X. Other good Malcolm X documentaries and biographical films include Death of a Prophet, Malcolm's Echo, and The Hate That Hate Produced.

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    Malcolm X

    Denzel Washington, Al Sharpton


    Directed bySpike Lee

    Malcolm X is a 1992 American biographical drama film about the African-American activist Malcolm X. Directed and co-written by Spike Lee. The film dramatizes key events in Malcolm X's life: his...  more

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    An Eye on X

    An Eye On X, 1995, is a short film produced and directed by Pogus Caesar, about the Birmingham micro sculptor Willard Wigan. An Eye On X was filmed in Birmingham, United Kingdom....  more
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    Seven Songs for Malcolm X

    Seven Songs for Malcolm X is a British documentary film about the life of Malcolm X, the influential civil rights activist who was assassinated in 1965. The film was written and directed by John...  more
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    Death of a Prophet

    Morgan Freeman

    Directed byWoodie King, Jr.

    Death of a Prophet - The Last Days of Malcolm X is a 1981 made for TV film, written and directed by Woodie King Jr. and starring Morgan Freeman as Malcolm X....  more
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    Malcolm X

    Malcolm X, also known as Malcolm X: His Own Story as It Really Happened, is a 1972 American documentary film directed by Arnold Perl. It is based on The Autobiography of Malcolm X. The film was...  more
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    Malcolm's Echo

    Malcolm's Echo: The Legacy of Malcolm X is a 2008 documentary film written and directed by Dami Akinnusi....
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    The Hate That Hate Produced

    The Hate That Hate Produced is a television documentary about Black Nationalism in America, focusing on the Nation of Islam and, to a lesser extent, the United African Nationalist Movement. It was...  more
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    Malcolm X: Make It Plain

    Malcolm X: Make It Plain is a 1994, English language documentary by PBS about the life of Malcolm X, or El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. The documentary was narrated by Alfre Woodard, produced and directed...  more