The Best Movies About Navy Seals

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Films about Navy Seals and their missions. Vote up your favorite Navy Seal movie.

Few things make you more proud to be a member of your country than watching a United States Navy Seal movies. Some of the films in this category are the most inspirational, patriotic movies in the history of film. There are even some movies with real Navy Seal team members in them. They are movies that honor those who have fought so bravely for our safety. It’s no wonder so many films tell stories about these elite seals. Perhaps the most intensely versatile branch of the American military is the Navy Seals. What are the best movies about Navy Seals? Vote up the best films below and see where your favorites rank!

The movies on this list discuss the Navy Seals in one way or the other. Another famous movie Act of Valor actually featured a real member of the Navy Seals in the cast!

This list has the best movies about Navy Seals including, Act of Valor, Lone Survivor, G.I. Jane, Navy Seals, Tears of the Sun, and Zero Dark Thirty. Vote for your favorite film and help it reach the top of the list.

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