The Best Movies About Nerds

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Films about geeks, weirdos, and big ol' nerds. Vote up the best movies about nerds.

Who doesn’t have a favorite nerd? And who doesn't have a favorite nerd movie? The best nerd movies either reminds us of a part of ourselves that we try so hard to avoid letting others see, or just make us flat out feel more secure about our own quirks and personalities! What are the best movies about nerds? This list has the best of the best movies with nerds on the big screen.

The movies on this list discuss nerds in one way or another, fore example, there are both nerd comedy movies and nerd romance movies on this list. Some of them feature classic all-time favorite nerds that will forever be in our hearts. Most of the flicks on this list are more comedy based rather than dramatic. But still, there are a few here that will satisfy your drama cravings. No matter what you want from your nerd movies, there will be something on this list for you.

This list features the best nerdy movies, including: Weird Science, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Can’t Hardly Wait, and Never Been Kissed. Vote up your favorite movie below or add a movie about huge nerds that you love, if isn't already on the list.

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