The Best Movies About the Olympics

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Movies about the Olympics and Olympians. Vote up the best Olympic films.
The Olympics are a source of inspiration, unity, and hope across the globe. Every country is proud to send its best athletes to the games to display their talents to the entire world. It’s no wonder that so many movies have centered on the Olympics, as these are some of the most inspirational stories of all time. But what are the best movies about the Olympics? Vote up the best Olympic films below and see where your favorites rank!
The movies on this list have been ranked as the absolute best films on the subject of the Olympics. Many of these films highlight an individual athlete’s life story and the journey that lead them to becoming the absolute best in their event. Others focus on the failed attempts of prospective Olympians. But no matter the narrative, each of these films offers an inspiring look at the Olympic Games and the Olympians who make them so special.
This list features the best movies about the Olympics including, Chariots of Fire, Cool Runnings, One Day in September, Munich, Miracle, Without Limits, and The Cutting Edge. Vote up the best films below or add a movie with an Olympic story that isn't already on the list.
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