The Most Powerful Movies About Police Brutality

The subject has been on America's collective mind many times over the past few years, so what are the best movies about police brutality? This is a hot button topic, for sure. Although most people agree that the majority of law enforcement officers are honorable, decent individuals, there have been a number of cases in the last decade where excessive force against people of color has led to protests and sometimes even rioting.

Like any form of art, films have a responsibility to lead the discussion on this topic. Important filmmakers such as Spike Lee, Kathryn Bigelow, and Ryan Coogler have all tackled police brutality and the ramifications in film. Most pictures addressing the subject are hard-hitting dramas, although action thrillers have occasionally come at it from a different angle, some movies about police shootings are even based on true stories like Fruitvale Station. Regardless of approach, these movies help to get audiences thinking, talking, and debating. There are also more than one films on this list that are movies about police corruption and movies about police in East Los Angeles.

Vote up the most powerful movies about police brutality from the list below, based on how meaningfully you think they contribute to the conversation. Be sure to check back as new movies about police brutality are released.