The Best Movies About Presidents

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More than 1,200 movie fans have come together to cast their votes for the best movies about presidents. These films offer a unique glimpse into the lives of some of the most powerful people in history, showing us both their successes and failures. From biopics about iconic leaders like Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy to comedies about fictional presidents like Dave and My Fellow Americans, these films capture the highs and lows of being commander-in-chief with style and wit. Other famous movies about presidents include White House Down, Air Force One, and Frost/Nixon.

Audiences praise these films for painting an honest portrait of life as president; from dealing with political opponents to handling personal crises, these movies make it clear that even those at the top must grapple with difficult decisions on a daily basis. Whether you're looking for inspiring dramas or lighthearted comedies, this list has something for everyone – so be sure to vote up your favorite presidential flicks.

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