The Best Movies About Queens

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Us common folk love discussing and learning about the lives of royalty. That is why there are so many movies about English queens. Our fascination with royalty varies from the roles a king or queen has played in history, to what their palace is like, what love interests they had, and what political differences they made during their reign. The news is constantly full of stories about the Royal Family and it’s no wonder that so many great movies have been made the life of royalty! What are the best movies about queens? Vote up the best below and see where your favorite queen films rank.

The movies on this list discuss the life of queens in one way or another. Most of the flicks featured here are more literal and biographical in nature, though some are completely fictional stories about fictional queens. Perhaps the most famous queen featured in several of these movies is Queen Elizabeth of England. Cate Blanchett has played the queen multiple times.

This list features the best queen movies, including: Elizabeth, One Night with the King, The Princess Diaries, Anastasia, The Other Boleyn Girl, Mad Love, and The Young Victoria. Vote up the best films below or add a film about a queen that you love if it isn't already on the list. Then check out these other royal movies.

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