The Best Movies About Redemption

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Some of the most beloved movies of all time feature the theme of redemption. These are the stories that motivate us to hold on to hope, fight to survive, always believe in the best, and recognize that anyone can change. This theme reminds us that life is a series of choices, and for every act of injustice there is justice around the corner! What are the best movies about redemption? Vote up the films you think are the best below and see where your favorites rank!

The movies on this list all have the common theme of redemption, from movies that have been inspired by real life events, completely fictional inspirational movies, and movies that were created based on a classic literary work. No matter what genre you’re craving there is likely a film about redemption, forgiveness, and second chances for you.

This list features the best movies about second chances, including Disney movies about redemption. But which one is the best? You get to help decide. Vote up the best movies about redemption below.

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