The Best Movies About Singing

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Films that focus on singers or singing. No documentaries.

Filmgoers absolutely love the best movies about singers, whether fictional or based on real events. Is there anything better than a great movie about music and singing? Some of the most popular movies these days feature singing and dancing. What are the best movies about singing? Vote up the best films below and see where your favorites rank!

The movies on this list all have glorious singing in them. Many have been top box office hits that have inspired viewers and given them an intimate look at the tragic lives of different famous singers, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. Other movies featured here are completely fictional and discuss various topics, from being a famous rock star to forming a band and spending an entire lifetime trying to make it big. They might be movies about a famous singer, singing competition, singing groups, or choir but one thing is for sure, they'll get a tune or two stuck in your head. 

This list features the best singing movies including, Almost Famous, High School Musical, Crazy Heart, Ray, Walk the Line, Dreamgirls, The Blues Brothers, Across the Universe, Pitch Perfect, The Doors, August Rush, and 8 Mile. Vote up the good films with lots of singing and singers below andvote down any you can't stand to listen to again.

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