The Best Movies About Stalking

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Films about stalking and stalkers. Vote up the best stalking movie.

There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush you get from a good, suspenseful thriller movie! Movies that tell the story about the life of a stalker give us a sense of excitement and fear and the result is a perfect high of adrenaline and entertainment. While there aren’t a ton of movies out there about stalkers, there are some great ones that will certainly make your heart race. What are the best movies about stalking? Vote up the best films below and see where your favorites rank!

The movies on this list all have tell stories about stalking and stalkers. Some are more scary stalker movies and detail what goes on in the mind of a stalker with a dangerous obsession, how they find their targets and what the end result is. Others are completely fictional and create a suspenseful feeling that will keep you on your toes for the full length of the film. And yes, some of the best movies about being stalked are from Lifetime. 

This list features the best stalker movies including, Fear, Single White Female, Cape Fear, The Cable Guy, Sleeping with the Enemy, Fatal Attraction, and The Crush. Vote up the best films and check to see if they are available on Netflix or other streaming service.

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