The Best Movies About Stealing Money

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The best movies about stealing money are the ones that feature the most suspenseful and thrilling scenes. The best money heist films are also great because they feature some of the most amazing actors in Hollywood. Some of these films are based on true stories, while others are fictionalized accounts of actual events.

Some of the best movies about stealing money include Heat, The Town, and Heist. Other great money heist flicks include classics like Stanley Kubrick's The Killing and more modern hits like Ocean's Eleven. Vote up your favorite movies about stealing cash below and vote down the ones that you think other fans should skip.



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Stolen money is a hot topic in Hollywood, as evidenced by all these great films about stealing cash from banks, casinos, or other institutions. Some of these movies feature elaborate schemes to get rich quick (see: Ocean's Eleven), while others focus on more down-to-earth crimes (like American Hustle). Vote up your favorite film below or add one that's missing!



Spike Lee directs this crime drama starring Denzel Washington as an ex-con who gets involved with a group planning a major bank robbery in Los Angeles. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director (Spike Lee).



This classic crime thriller stars Mel Gibson as an insurance investigator who gets caught up in a scheme to steal millions from his company by staging his own death during a robbery gone wrong. Danny Glover co-stars as Gibson's partner on the case; Rene Russo plays his wife back home who becomes suspicious when her husband fails to return home after work one night.



This action comedy features Mark Wahlberg as an art thief who teams up with his old friend played by Edward Norton to steal some valuable paintings from museums around Europe before they're auctioned off at Sotheby's London headquarters for millions of dollars each (the paintings were originally stolen from private collections). This movie is full of fun twists and turns; it also features some amazing art theft scenes shot at real museums around Europe including London's Tate Modern museum where two thieves disguised as police officers enter through security doors using fake IDs then proceed to steal priceless masterpieces worth millions each!



In this classic caper film directed by David O'Russell, Christian Bale plays Irving Rosenfeld - a con artist working with