From Rapping Dogs To Evil Sharks: The Most Interesting Films About The Titanic That Aren't 'Titanic'

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Most people are familiar with the disaster of the RMS Titanic through James Cameron's Titanic, a monstrously successful 1997 film that grossed billions and launched the careers of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, but the tragedy does not begin and end with James Cameron. Due to the natural high drama of the subject, there were many Titanic films before 1997, and many movies made after that feature similar tropes, including a romance between the upper and lower classes, a dour and dutiful captain, and the band playing a final song on the deck of the sinking ship. 

However, there are other movies about the Titanic that made some very strange choices, including a film starring an actual Titanic survivor, and some outrageously bizarre animated Italian fairy tales set in and around the disaster.

What is it that makes the story of the Titanic so enduring? Perhaps it's the drama that Cameron saw in it. Perhaps it's the spectacle and action of some of the recent adaptations. Or perhaps it's a combination of these and dozens of other elements that have fixed the Titanic in our collective consciousness. Whatever makes it so appealing, the story of the Titanic has lost none of its allure for the film industry.