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Wall Street. It's exciting, full of drama, money, danger, risk, reward, and characters of all types. It has caused the richest men in the world to become richer, and caused some of the richest men in the world to lose it all. It controls our economy and is rich with untold stories of greed and thrills most of us can't even imagine. This list of the best movies about Wall Street tell all these stories.

Some of the most memorable monologues and scenes in cinematic history take place, or are pertaining to this small stretch in New York City. Naturally, it's a perfect subject and setting for a movie. Be it a fictionalized account of a stock broker, a retelling of current events starring famous actors as Wall Street big wigs, or a straight up documentary, below are the best movies about Wall Street.

Vote up your favorite Wall Street films and let the money roll in. Not to you, necessarily, but at least to an already rich Wall Street trader.

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Wall Street Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas, Martin Sheen Wall Street is a 1987 American drama film, directed and co-written by Oliver Stone, which stars Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, Daryl Hannah and Martin Sheen. The film tells the story of Bud ...more

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Boiler Room Ben Affleck, Vin Diesel, Nia Long Boiler Room is a 2000 American crime drama film written and directed by Ben Younger, and starring Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Nia Long, Ben Affleck, Nicky Katt, Scott Caan, Tom Everett Scott, ...more

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The Wolf of Wall Street Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Margot Robbie The Wolf of Wall Street is a 2013 American biographical black comedy film directed by Martin Scorsese. The screenplay by Terence Winter is adapted from the eponymous memoir by Jordan Belfort and ...more

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American Psycho is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Movies About Wall Street
American Psycho Reese Witherspoon, Christian Bale, Willem Dafoe American Psycho is a 2000 American psychological thriller comedy film co-written and directed by Mary Harron, based on Bret Easton Ellis's 1991 novel of the same name. It stars Christian Bale, ...more

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Trading Places is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The Best Movies About Wall Street
Trading Places Eddie Murphy, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dan Aykroyd Trading Places is a 1983 American comedy film directed by John Landis, starring Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy. It tells the story of an upper-class commodities broker and a homeless street ...more

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Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room Peter Coyote, Gary Davis, Jeffrey Skilling Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room is a 2005 documentary film based on the best-selling 2003 book of the same name by Fortune reporters Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind, a study of one of the ...more

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Die Hard with a Vengeance Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Irons Die Hard with a Vengeance is a 1995 American action film and the third in the Die Hard film series. It was produced and directed by John McTiernan, written by Jonathan Hensleigh, and stars Bruce ...more

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Glengarry Glen Ross Al Pacino, Alec Baldwin, Kevin Spacey Glengarry Glen Ross is a 1992 American drama, adapted by David Mamet from his 1984 Pulitzer Prize- and Tony-winning play of the same name, and directed by James Foley. The film depicts two days ...more

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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Charlie Sheen, Shia LaBeouf, Susan Sarandon Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is a 2010 American drama film directed by Oliver Stone, a sequel to Wall Street. It stars Michael Douglas, Shia LaBeouf, Josh Brolin, Carey Mulligan, Frank ...more

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Too Big to Fail Paul Giamatti, James Woods, Topher Grace Too Big to Fail is a U.S. television drama film first broadcast on HBO on May 23, 2011 based on Andrew Ross Sorkin's non-fiction book Too Big to Fail: The Inside Story of How Wall Street and ...more

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Wolves of Wall Street Eric Roberts, Louise Lasser, Crystal Allen Wolves of Wall Street is a 2002 film directed by David DeCoteau. It came 84 years after the original The Wolf of Wall Street directed by Rowland V. Lee and premièring in 1929.

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Margin Call Demi Moore, Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons Margin Call is a 2011 American independent drama film written and directed by J. C. Chandor. The story takes place over a 36-hour period at a large Wall Street investment bank and highlights the ...more

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Jungle 2 Jungle Tim Allen, Martin Short, Leelee Sobieski Jungle 2 Jungle is a 1997 comedy film starring Tim Allen, Martin Short and Sam Huntington. It is an American remake of the 1994 French film Un indien dans la ville. Jungle 2 Jungle '​s plot ...more

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Inside Job Matt Damon The creators of ``Undercover Boss'' are behind this unscripted TNT series, which gives the popular CEO-in-disguise premise a bit of a twist. ``Inside Job'' puts candidates for six-figure ...more

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Other People's Money Danny DeVito, Gregory Peck, Penelope Ann Miller Other People's Money is a 1991 drama/romantic comedy film starring Danny DeVito, Gregory Peck and Penelope Ann Miller. It was based on the play of the same name by Jerry Sterner. The film ...more

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The Company Men Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones The Company Men is an American drama film, written and directed by John Wells. It stars Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, Chris Cooper and Tommy Lee Jones. It premiered at the 26th Sundance Film ...more

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The Dark Knight Rises is listed (or ranked) 17 on the list The Best Movies About Wall Street
The Dark Knight Rises Anne Hathaway, Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman The Dark Knight Rises is a 2012 superhero film directed by Christopher Nolan, who co-wrote the screenplay with his brother Jonathan Nolan, and the story with David S. Goyer. Featuring the DC ...more

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Rogue Trader Ewan McGregor, Anna Friel, Tim McInnerny Rogue Trader is a 1999 drama film directed by James Dearden about former derivatives broker Nick Leeson and the 1995 collapse of Barings Bank. Based on Leeson's 1996 book Rogue Trader: How I ...more

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Capitalism: A Love Story Robert Powell Capitalism: A Love Story is a 2009 American documentary film directed, written by and starring Michael Moore. The film centers on the late-2000s financial crisis and the recovery stimulus, while ...more

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The Bonfire of the Vanities Kirsten Dunst, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis The Bonfire of the Vanities is a 1990 American comedy-drama film adaptation of the best-selling novel of the same name by Tom Wolfe, originally serialized in Rolling Stone. A critical and ...more