The Best Movies About Wall Street

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Films about the fast paced world of finance and Wall Street

Wall Street. It's exciting, full of drama, money, danger, risk, reward, and characters of all types. It has caused the richest men in the world to become richer, and caused some of the richest men in the world to lose it all. It controls our economy and is rich with untold stories of greed and thrills most of us can't even imagine. This list of the best movies about Wall Street tell all these stories.

Some of the most memorable monologues and scenes in cinematic history take place, or are pertaining to this small stretch in New York City. Naturally, it's a perfect subject and setting for a movie. Be it a fictionalized account of a stock broker, a retelling of current events starring famous actors as Wall Street big wigs, or a straight up documentary, below are the best movies about Wall Street.

Vote up your favorite Wall Street films and let the money roll in. Not to you, necessarily, but at least to an already rich Wall Street trader.
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