The Best Movies Based On Toys

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For many blockbuster movie franchises, selling tickets is just a part of turning a profit - the real money is in selling toys and other products based on the film. Tie-ins with toys have proven so lucrative in Hollywood that studios have begun to reverse-engineer this formula, taking toy lines that are already popular and producing movies based on them. From the Transformers series to The Lego Movie, the film industry has found that turning a profit on audiences' nostalgia for the toys of their youth is child's play.  

Plenty of movies tell stories about fictional toys, like Woody and Buzz from Toy Story, the eponymous board game from Jumanji, or Turbo Man from Jingle All the Way. The movies on this list are based on preexisting toys, bringing the plastic playthings from our childhoods to life on the big screen. That includes not just dolls and action figures like Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe, but also board games like ClueBattleship, and Dungeons and Dragons.