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The Best 2019 Movies Based On True Events

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UPDATE: Check out the top 2020 movies based on true stories!

Though fictional films often pack the most entertainment, the best 2019 historical movies and films based on true events can bring just as much excitement to viewers. Sure, fictional movies can make up virtually any scenario and setting, but what's so great about these historical movies is knowing the events actually happened—and sometimes the true story can be even stranger than fiction. Moreover, it gives the audience a chance to relive the times and gain valuable insights they may not find in a book. So, which historical movies of 2019 did you think were best?

There are a lot of movies based on true events released this year including A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Rocketman, and Fighting With My Family. Of course, there are plenty of other great 2019 historical films as well. 

Check out the list of best 2019 movies based on true stories below and vote up your favorites, while voting down any other movies accordingly.

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