The Best Movies Based On TV Shows

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Top big-screen adaptations of television series

The best movies based on TV shows are those legendary movies that spawned from our favorite TV shows of all time. It's really easy to make a horrible film adaptation of a favorite book, television show or classic film. These great TV shows that became movies are the exact opposite. With numerous successful films to its resume, the Star Trek franchise perhaps saw the best success on the big screen. Based on the classic television series, the science fiction franchise has prompted so many great movies dating back from the original film in 1979 to modern adaptations released as recently as May 2013. 

That's not to say that other television shows adapted into movies are not awesome too. The FugitiveMonty Python and the Holy Grail, Traffic, and The Naked Gun are all prime examples of filmmakers taking a TV series and turning it into an equally, if not more, successful movie. In some cases, filmmakers did this simply from a character or sketch from a show such as in cases of Borat, Wayne's World, The Blues Brothers, and Bruno.

But for every great movie based on a TV show, there are also dozens of bad movies adapted from television shows. Thankfully, these are the best of the bunch. Which TV show to movie adaptation is the absolute best? Vote for them below!

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