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The Best Movie Drinking Games

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List RulesThe films most conducive to drinking games - vote up the ones that get you drunkest the fastest

The best drinking game movies combine two things we love dearly: movies, and well... drinking. The art of the drinking game is far more complex than it may seem. Beyond the most obvious which movies are the best to drink to, there are a variety of reasons one movie is preferable over the other for a drinking game.

The tone of the film and the way it makes you feel whilst drinking are important factors. As are the length of the film, drink pacing, the genre of the film, and what type of drunk do you intend to be? There's also nostalgia and irony to keep in mind. The Die Hard drinking game and Jurassic Park drinking game are among the most popular fun movie drinking games.

Beyond that is the next major factor. Rules. What are the rules you'll have, how strict will you be, and how drunk do you and the other players want to get? Rules have to be fair, consistent, timely, and tiered (how drunk one may want to be vs. others, also what challenge you're setting yourself up for). Most of all, the rules should be simple. They need to be either obvious, visual, or best yet, both. No one wants to have to think too hard an hour in, that should go without saying. It's not like half the fun is having to look back at your long sheet of heady movie drinking games list items and going all "oh hey good I should drink now." Drunk idiots just want to have fun. 

Below are the best movies for drinking games. Pop in one of these films, sit back, and be sure to have plenty of booze handy. Cheers!

*Note: some of these rules are advanced - The Wolf of Wall Street can kill a man, like any good drinking game movies should do, really. So, you know, drink responsibly. 

  • The Wolf of Wall Street1

    Drink every time:
    -Someone says the F word

    -You see a bare breast
    -Anyone snorts anything
    -You see a new example of extravagance
    -You laugh

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  • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy2

    Drink every time:
    -Anyone speaks any non-English language
    -Frodo says "Sam"
    -You see the Eye of Sauron
    -You see a close-up of the ring
    -Anyone says "precious"

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  • The Room3

    Drink every time:
    -You hear "Oh hai"
    -Lisa is described as sexy or beautiful
    -Mark is labeled a best friend
    -You hear "Don't worry about it"
    -Anyone throws a football

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  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World4

    Drink every time:
    -You see words or numbers on the screen
    -You hear a video game sound
    -A new band is named
    -A new ex shows up
    -Anyone says "Ramona"

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  • The Hangover5

    Drink every time:
    -Alan copies Phil
    -You see a new Vegas landmark
    -Stu touches or mentions his missing tooth
    -You see neon lights
    -Someone gets hurt

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  • Die Hard6

    Drink every time:
    -Someone uses a walkie-talkie
    -John talks to himself
    -Something explodes
    -Anyone is killed or injured
    -You are reminded that it's Christmas

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  • Dazed and Confused7

    Drink every time:
    -Anyone says "party"
    -A freshman is hit with a paddle
    -Slater says "man"
    -Pink is conflicted
    -Mitch pinches the top of his nose

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  • Bring It On8

    Drink every time:
    -Someone says "Toros"
    -Anyone makes a pun on the word "cheer"
    -You see a male cheerleader
    -Someone says "spirit fingers"
    -A white girl uses street slang

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  • Jurassic Park9

    Drink every time:
    -Someone throws a switch
    -You see the Jurassic Park logo
    -Someone mentions some outdated technology ("interactive CD-ROM")
    -Wayne Knight eats
    -A living thing gets eaten

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  • The Big Lebowski10

    Drink every time:
    -Donny says "dude"
    -Walter says "Shomer Shabbos"
    -You see a weapon
    -Someone bowls a strike
    -The Dude drinks a White Russian

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  • Wedding Crashers11

    Drink every time:
    -A new rule is cited
    You hear "Baba Ghanoush"
    -Someone drinks
    -Anyone mentions or engages in a Cleary family or Maryland tradition
    -A family member is inappropriate with guests

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  • The Fast and the Furious12

    Drink every time:
    -A punch is thrown
    -The camera focuses on a gear shift
    -A car is driven backwards
    -Someone says "Dom"
    -You see a gal wearing very little

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  • The Great Gatsby13

    Drink every time:
    -Gatsby says "sport"

    -You see text on screen
    -You see the T.J. Eckleberg sign 
    -A new 21st century song is played
    -Daisy makes things worse

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  • Beerfest14

    Drink every time:
    -Anyone mentions Das Boot
    -Someone calls Great Gam Gam a whore or slut
    -Anything breaks
    -Someone drinks beer
    -Anyone dies

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  • Jackass: The Movie series15

    Drink every time:
    -Someone winces
    -Someone gets hurt
    -You know something isn't going to work before they even try
    -The rest of the guys says "ooohhh"
    -A stunt looks kind of fun

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  • Old School16

    Drink every time:
    -You see a bare breast
    -Someone says "Blue," "Godfather," or "Frank the Tank"
    -Someone lies to a woman
    -Someone says "frat" or "fraternity"

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  • The Matrix17

    Drink every time:
    -Anyone picks up a phone
    -A shot goes slo-mo
    -Someone says "Morpheus"
    -An Agent takes over a new body
    -Anyone defies the laws of physics

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  • National Lampoon's Animal House18

    Drink every time:
    -Anyone says "Faber"
    -Anyone says "frat" or "fraternity"
    -You see a bra
    -Bluto takes a drink
    -Something breaks

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  • Reservoir Dogs19

    Drink every time:
    -You hear a color
    -You see blood
    -Someone says the F word
    -Anyone smokes
    -Someone says "diamonds"

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  • Scream20

    Drink every time:
    -Someone references another horror movie
    -A phone rings
    -Gale Weathers makes a bitchy remark to her cameraman
    -Ghostface appears
    -Someone is killed

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  • Top Gun21

    Drink every time:
    -There's a homoerotic look shared between characters
    -Characters high five
    -Maverick goes against the rules
    -The song 'Danger Zone' plays
    -Planes take off

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  • Zombieland22

    Drink every time:
    -A rule comes up on screen
    -A character uses a place as a name
    -Twinkies are mentioned
    -Tallahassee kills a zombie
    -Jesse Eisenberg broods

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  • This Is the End23

    Drink every time:
    -One of the characters' previous movies is mentioned
    -Seth and Jay's strained friendship is brought up
    -Jonah acts passive-aggressively towards Jay
    -Someone is raptured
    -An actor is shown Playing Against Type

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  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas24

    Drink every time:
    -Anyone takes a drink
    -Anyone snorts a drug
    -Someone hallucinates
    -A new drug is named
    -Raoul rides in a car

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  • Rush Hour25

    Drink every time:
    -There is a fight
    -Someone says something racist
    -Chris Tucker says, "mannnnnn"
    -A language barrier causes confusion
    -Anyone pulls a gun

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