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The Best Movies for 11 Year Old Boys

Updated 9 May 2019 468 votes 105 voters40 items

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Sports movies, superhero popcorn fare, and hilarious comedies are just a few of the genres on this list of good movies for 11 year old boys. These appropriate movies for eleven year old boys are great for sleepover parties or just taking a break from playing Fortnite. This list is definitely for you if you've ever asked yourself, "what movies can 11 year old boys watch?"

A few of the most inspirational sports movies in cinema history top this list of films for eleven year old boys. Gripping dramas like Rocky, Rudy, and Miracle are truly timeless. Those films all prove that there is no expiration date for heroes who put in the hard work in order to reap the rewards. Additionally, comedies like Napolean Dynamite and School of Rock will keep any young man laughing for hours, even after the end credits roll.

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