The Best Movies for New Parents to Watch

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Films about babies and new parents. Vote up the best films new parents should watch.
Becoming a parent is the biggest decision you’ll probably ever make, and one of the most terrifying! What better way to calm your pregnancy and new baby nerves than to watch a great movie about new parents! What are the best movies for new parents to watch? Vote up the best below and see where your favorites rank!
This list has the best movies for new parents to watch together, ranked as the best by the community. Some of these films offer a comedic, humorous look at the challenges of having a new baby in the house, while others tell heartwarming, touching stories of the joys of being a new parents.
This list features the best movies for new parents to watch including, Little Fockers, About Time, Hours, The Hangover Part 3, Knocked Up, Three Men and a Baby, Junior, Look Who’s Talking, Baby Boom, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and She’s Having a Baby. Vote up the best films below or add one that helped you as a new parent if it isn't already on the list.