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The Best Movies for Women

Updated 28 Aug 2020 34.4k votes 3.2k voters 255.4k views225 items

List RulesAny films enjoyed by girls and female audiences

The films on this list of the best movies for women have been ranked as the absolute best. From wedding movies to rom-coms, these films are perfect for a ladies' movie night. If you need a movie to watch with your gal pals, this list has them all, with trailers. What are the best movies for women? 

This list features the best movies for women, many of which were top box office hits and have won many awards. A number of these films were written and/or directed by women as well. The best movies for women often have a warm-hearted story line, feature a romantic theme, or are female-centric comedies.

The best women’s movies on this list include classic chick flicks like Sixteen Candles, Annie Hall, Working Girl, Beaches, Amelie, Clueless, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Dirty Dancing, and Gone with the Wind. Vote up the best movies for women below or add a girls night movie idea that you think is great but isn't already on the list.

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