The Best Movies To Show A Church Youth Group

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Vote up the films appropriate to screen at a youth ministry event that will hold their interest and facilitate discussion about faith.

When looking for films appropriate for kids, you can certainly look to the MPAA's rating system for guidance. However, for a Church youth group, it's not so simple. In addition to wanting a movie free of inappropriate material, films with Christian themes are definitely a bonus. Ideally, movies for youth ministry should be wholesome and fun films everyone can enjoy. Below, you'll find some films for pre-teens and teenagers that are appropriate for a predominantly Christian audience. 

There are plenty of movies for youth groups that tackle the Bible and faith fairly directly. The Chronicles of Narnia is famous for its many allusions to Christianity and The Prince of Egypt is a gripping animated film that tells stories from the Bible. However, youth groups do not have to be solely exposed to Christian movies. Some films explore the tenants of Christianity without being overtly religious. Films like Horton Hears a Who! and Finding Nemo encourage loyalty, determination, and kindness, for example. Browse this list to find the best movie to show your youth group! 

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