The Best Movies Named After Songs

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The best movies named after songs don't always have to emulate its lyrical predecessor but they most certainly take inspiration from it. Finding a good title for a movie maybe hard but one smart way of coming up with a film title is looking to music. That is why there are amazing movies that are named after some of the greatest songs. On this list you will find obvious choices like the ‘80s classic Stand By Me, named after the Ben E. King hit or Mamma Mia!, named after one of ABBA’s most notable ditties. 

Some films on here you might not realize are named after songs, like the comedy Bustin' Loose starring Richard Pryor which was named after the song by Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers. Simon & Garfunkel and The Beatles pop up a few times on this list, though films about the the bands using their lyrics do not. Biopics about your favorite musical artists are also on this list like La Bamba, Rocketman, and I Am Woman. Is your favorite movie based on a song on this list? If not feel free to add it. 

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