The Best Movies of 1918

List of the best movies of 1918, with movie trailers when available. These top movies of 1918 are listed by popularity, so the movies with the most votes are at the top. This list consists of all different movie genres, but each film was released in 1918. You can filter this list of films that came out in 1918 for various bits of information, such as who directed the movie and what genre it is. Think the best 1918 movie isn't as high as it should be? Vote up your favorite so it will rise to the top.

List features A Dog's Life, Hearts of the World and more movies.

This list answers the questions, "What are the best movies from 1918?" and "What are the most popular movies of 1918?"

1918 was a great year for movies, since a lot of classic films were released in 1918. This is a crowd sourced list that has been voted on by many people, so these top films of 1918 aren't just one persons opinion.
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  • A Dog's Life
    Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Albert Austin
    14 votes
    • Released: 1918
    • Directed by: Charlie Chaplin
    A Dog's Life is a silent film written, produced and directed by Charlie Chaplin. This was Chaplin's first film for First National Films. Chaplin plays opposite an animal as "co-star". "Scraps" was ...more
  • The Greatest Thing in Life
    Lillian Gish, David Butler, Robert Harron
    9 votes
    • Released: 1918
    • Directed by: D. W. Griffith
    The Greatest Thing in Life is a 1918 American silent drama film about World War I, directed by D. W. Griffith and starring Lillian Gish, Robert Harron, and David Butler. The film is now considered ...more
  • The Outlaw and His Wife
    Victor Sjöström, Edith Erastoff, William Larsson
    8 votes
    • Released: 1918
    • Directed by: Victor Sjöström
    The Outlaw and His Wife is a 1918 Swedish silent film directed by Victor Sjöström, based on a play from 1911 by Jóhann Sigurjónsson. It tells the story of Eyvind of the Hills, an 18th-century ...more
  • Three Mounted Men
    Harry Carey, Neva Gerber
    7 votes
    • Released: 1918
    • Directed by: John Ford
    Three Mounted Men was a 1918 American Western film directed by John Ford and featuring Harry Carey. The film is considered to be lost.
  • The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin
    Lon Chaney, Elmo Lincoln, Harry von Meter
    7 votes
    • Released: 1918
    • Directed by: Rupert Julian
    The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin was a 1918 silent war propaganda melodrama film written, directed and starring Rupert Julian. The film's supporting cast included Elmo Lincoln, Nigel De Brulier and ...more
  • Stella Maris
    Mary Pickford, Conway Tearle, Ida Waterman
    6 votes
    • Released: 1918
    • Directed by: Marshall Neilan
    Stella Maris (Mary Pickford), paralyzed since birth, lives in an opulent mansion and has virtually no knowledge of the outside world. She adores her frequent visitor John Risca (Conway Tearle), a ...more

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