The Best Movies of 1949 

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List of the best movies of 1949, with movie trailers when available. Bob Hope was the highest paid actor in 1949, earning more money than actors like John Wayne and Bing Crosby. These top movies of 1949 are listed by popularity, so the movies with the most votes are at the top. This list consists of all different movie genres, but each film was released in 1949. You can filter this list of films that came out in 1949 for various bits of information, such as who directed the movie and what genre it is. Think the best 1949 movie isn't as high as it should be? Vote up your favorite so it will rise to the top.

List features movies like The Third Man, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and more!

This list answers the questions, "What are the best movies from 1949?" and "What are the most popular movies of 1949?"

1949 was a great year for movies, since a lot of classic films were released in 1949. This is a crowd sourced list that has been voted on by many people, so these top films of 1949 aren't just one persons opinion.
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Orson Welles, Trevor Howard, Joseph Cotten
The Third Man is a 1949 British film noir, directed by Carol Reed and starring Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, Orson Welles, and Trevor Howard. It is considered one of the greatest films of all ...more

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James Cagney, Edmond O'Brien, Virginia Mayo
White Heat is a 1949 film noir starring James Cagney, Virginia Mayo and Edmond O'Brien and featuring Margaret Wycherly and Steve Cochran. Directed by Raoul Walsh from the Ivan Goff and Ben ...more

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Russ Tamblyn, Peggy Cummins, Trevor Bardette
Gun Crazy is a 1950 film noir feature film directed by Joseph H. Lewis, and produced by Frank King and Maurice King. The production features Peggy Cummins and John Dall in a story about the ...more

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Kirk Douglas, Jeanne Crain, Thelma Ritter
A Letter to Three Wives is a 1949 American romantic drama film which tells the story of a woman who mails a letter to three women, telling them she has left town with the husband of one of them. ...more

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Gregory Peck, Dean Jagger, Richard Anderson
Twelve O'Clock High is a 1949 American film about aircrews in the United States Army's Eighth Air Force who flew daylight missions against Nazi Germany and occupied France during the early days ...more

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Jean Simmons, Cyril Cusack, James Hayter
The Blue Lagoon is a 1949 British romance and adventure film produced and directed by Frank Launder, starring Jean Simmons and Donald Houston. The screenplay was adapted by John Baines, Michael ...more
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Bette Davis, Joseph Cotten, Frances Charles
Beyond the Forest is a 1949 American film noir directed by King Vidor and featuring Bette Davis, Joseph Cotten, David Brian and Ruth Roman. The screenplay is written by Lenore J. Coffee based on ...more
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Olivia de Havilland, Montgomery Clift, Ralph Richardson
The Heiress is a 1949 American drama film directed by William Wyler and starring Olivia de Havilland as Catherine Sloper, Montgomery Clift as Morris Townsend, and Ralph Richardson as Dr. Sloper. ...more

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John Wayne, Forrest Tucker, Richard Jaeckel
Sands of Iwo Jima is a 1949 film starring John Wayne that follows a group of United States Marines from training to the Battle of Iwo Jima during WWII. The movie also features John Agar, Adele ...more

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Prince of Foxes is a 1947 historical novel by Samuel Shellabarger, following the adventures of the fictional Andrea Orsini, a captain in the service of Cesare Borgia during his conquest of the ...more
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John Wayne, Ben Johnson, Harry Carey
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon is a 1949 Technicolor Western film directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne. The academy award winning film was the second of Ford's Cavalry trilogy films. With a ...more

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Loretta Young, Sara Allgood, Robert Cummings
The Accused is a 1949 American film noir directed by William Dieterle and written by Ketti Frings, based on Be Still, My Love, a 1947 novel written by June Truesdell. The drama features Loretta ...more
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Alec Guinness, Dennis Price, Hugh Griffith
Kind Hearts and Coronets is a British black comedy film of 1949 starring Dennis Price, Alec Guinness, Joan Greenwood, and Valerie Hobson. Guinness famously plays eight members of the D'Ascoyne ...more
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Dorothy Malone, Virginia Mayo, Joel McCrea
Colorado Territory is a 1949 American Western film directed by Raoul Walsh and starring Joel McCrea, Virginia Mayo, and Dorothy Malone. Written by Edmund H. North and John Twist, and based on ...more
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Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Keiko Awaji
Stray Dog is a 1949 Japanese police procedural film noir directed by Akira Kurosawa and starring Toshiro Mifune and Takashi Shimura. The film is considered a precursor to the contemporary police ...more
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Doris Day, Eve Arden, Adolphe Menjou
My Dream Is Yours is a 1949 musical romantic comedy film starring Jack Carson, Doris Day, and Lee Bowman.
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Dana Andrews, Jeff Chandler, Märta Torén
Sword in the Desert is a 1949 American war film directed by George Sherman. It was the first American film to deal with the 1947–1948 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine and marked the first ...more
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Arthur Kennedy, Lizabeth Scott, Dan Duryea
Too Late for Tears is a 1949 American film noir directed by Byron Haskin and starring Lizabeth Scott, Don DeFore, Dan Duryea and Arthur Kennedy. It tells a story about a woman who steals a ...more
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Orson Welles, Raymond Burr, Silvana Mangano
Black Magic is a 1949 film adaptation of Alexandre Dumas's novel Joseph Balsamo. It was directed by the Russian-born Gregory Ratoff and stars Orson Welles in the lead role as Joseph Balsamo and ...more
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Setsuko Hara, Chishū Ryū, Sugimara Haruko
Late Spring is a 1949 Japanese drama film, directed by Yasujirō Ozu and produced by the Shochiku studio. It is based on the short novel Father and Daughter by the 20th century novelist and ...more
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Guy Madison Rory Calhoun
Massacre River is a film directed by John Rawlins released on Jun 26, 1949.
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Jeanne Crain, Ethel Barrymore, Ethel Waters
Pinky is a 1949 American drama film starring Jeanne Crain, Ethel Barrymore and Ethel Waters. All three actresses were nominated for the Academy Award, Crain for Best Actress in a Leading Role, ...more
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Silvana Mangano, Vittorio Gassman, Raf Vallone
Bitter Rice is a 1949 Italian film made by Lux Film, written and directed by Giuseppe De Santis. Produced by Dino De Laurentiis, starring Silvana Mangano, Raf Vallone, Doris Dowling and Vittorio ...more
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Michèle Morgan, Michel Simon, Massimo Girotti
Fabiola is a 1949 Italian language motion picture historical drama directed by Alessandro Blasetti, very loosely based on the 1854 novel Fabiola by Nicholas Patrick Wiseman. The film stars ...more
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Joan Bennett, Shepperd Strudwick, Geraldine Brooks
The Reckless Moment is a 1949 American film noir melodrama directed by Max Ophüls, produced by Walter Wanger, and released by Columbia Pictures with Burnett Guffey as cinematographer. ...more