The Best Movies Of 2013

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Only movies released in theaters in 2013.

Here is a list of the best movies from 2013, as ranked by movie fans just like you. Every year, around the holiday season, film critics and fans alike gather together to proclaim that a select few movies were the best the film world had to offer during the year. For some, the best movies are those that evoke an emotional response and memorable acting performances. For other movie fans, it’s the entertainment value of a film that earns its place on the “best of” lists. Whatever the personal preferences of the movie viewer, people have strong feelings about what they believe is the best movie of the year.

The films on this list are among the best movies made in 2013. These films gathered strong reviews from the most respected film critics in the country, entertained audiences across the globe, and stayed in their thoughts long after the credits rolled. This list includes movies of many different genres, as well as both indie and major studio releases.

What are the best movies of 2013? While much of the debate rests on personal taste, the movies on this list received great reviews, captured the attention of the audience, and earned a place in cinema history. For more 2013 movie lists, check out Ranker's lists of the funniest movies of 2013 and the most overrated 2013 films.

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