The Best Movies Of 2019

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Only movies released in theaters in 2019.

UPDATE: Check out the top movies of 2022!

With so many highly anticipated films that came out, it's hard to decide on the best movies of 2019. This is more than a top 100 2019 best movie list. Here you will be able to vote on the best movies of 2019 that have been released so far. There are plenty of great Hollywood movies that came out in 2019. From blockbusters to the smaller movies, these are the best 2019 movies. This list includes foreign films that are some of the top rated movies of 2019, such as Woman at War, Ash is Purest White, and Transit. You will also find Netflix films like High Flying Bird. There are even good horror films like Us and Midsommar on the list this year and they have all been applauded by both critics and audiences.

The best films of 2019 should take everything into account, the performances, the cinematography, and everything in between. So if you find yourself asking, "what is the best film to come out of 2019?" Look to the list below and vote up the 2019 movies you feel were the highest quality films of the year. If you see that any of the top movies of 2019 are left out, feel free to add them to the list.

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