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The Best Movies On Hulu Right Now

Updated 4 Sep 2020 1.8k votes 210 voters 15.3k views58 items

Take a break from TV binge-watching, and watch the best movies streaming on Hulu right now. Featuring new movies on Hulu as well as Hollywood classics, this Hulu movies list also includes award-winning documentaries, foreign films, and great indies. What are the must-see movies on Hulu? Look below for the top most recommended movies on Hulu voted on by other Hulu watchers. Some good movies on Hulu include Arrival, Chinatown, Blue Velvet, Rain Man, and Shrek. These movies space across all genres, including action, comedies, dramas, and even inspirational movies.

Vote up your top movies on Hulu today. Your votes will help determine the most popular movie streaming on Hulu.

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