The Best Movies Released July 4th Weekend

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Movies released over the July 4th holiday.

What are the best movies released over the July 4th weekend? Movies that came out over the Independence Day weekend include a lot of major blockbusters. Films that get a July fourth release are big: Think 'Transformers,' Spider-Man 2' and pretty much any film starring Will Smith. Movie studios know that by early-July, movie goers are craving some epic movie entertainment, and in recent years, they've definitely delivered. Vote for the July 4th movie releases you loved the most, vote down any you thought were duds and feel free to re-rank these films in any order you want.

Over the past couple of decades, more and more major films have gotten July 4th weekend release dates. Why? Because, quite frankly, long holiday weekends are perfect for movie goers. Need proof? Check out this list of some of the best movies released on Christmas Day. People looking for an escape from the Independence Day festivities (and probably the heat) are more than happy to sit back and relax in a cool, dark theater and be totally swept away for a few hours by a great film. 2012's summer blockbusters included 'The Amazing Spider-Man,' which was released on July 3, 2012.

How many movies about July 4th have actually come out over the July 4th weekend? Actually, just one, but it's a biggie: the Will Smith sci-fi/action movie 'Independence Day' was released on July 3, 1996, and wound up grossing more than $50 million in its opening weekend. Several other Will Smith movies are on this list, including 'Men in Black' and 'Men in Black II,' 'Hancock' and 'Wild Wild West.' For a time, the man seriously ruled the Fourth of July when it came to movie releases.

Highly anticipated 2013 summer movie releases due out in early July included 'Despicable Me 2' and Disney's 'The Lone Ranger,' so it seems, at least for now, this trend towards huge Independence Day movie releases will continue.
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