The Best Movies Released Labor Day Weekend

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Movies that were released over Labor Day weekend

This list includes the best movies released over Labor Day weekend. Overall, the choices are kind of slim compared to some of the other, much bigger film releases over other major holidays, like Memorial Day and the July 4th weekend. Still, there are a few gems are in the bunch, including 'The American,' 'The Constant Gardener' and 'Machete.' See a favorite film listed that was released over Labor Day? Vote it up! And of course, vote down any of these films you didn't like. Also, you can re-rank this list of Labor Day movie releases any way you like.

Is Labor Day a dumping ground for Hollywood's junkiest films? An argument can be made that it is, because some of the worst movies of all time saw release over Labor Day ('Babylon A.D.' anyone?).

Despite a notable lack of instant movie classics on this list, some cult favorites are included. Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' and Mike Judge's 'Extract' come to mind. But overall, yeah, Labor Day movie releases are nowhere near as great as the film debuts on or around other major holidays (including Christmas Day releases).

And interestingly, a lot of movies released on or around Labor Day are horror films. Why not wait until the Halloween season is in full swing? Because in some cases, the movie is just...well, it's not that great ('The Possession,' 'Jeepers Creepers II,' 'Apollo 18' and 'The Wicker Man' are prime examples. Disagree? Vote them up!
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