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Pretty Good Movies On Netflix To Watch After A Breakup

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"Some love stories aren't epic novels - some are short stories. But that doesn't make them any less filled with love," Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City once said. She has a point. Breakups are tough, regardless of how long the relationship lasted or why it ended. You need at least a few days to process what happened and find a way to move forward. For many, this means watching a bunch of therapeutic movies meant to guide you from denial to acceptance, one emotional scene at a time. 

Everyone has their own coping mechanisms when going through a separation. Maybe you want to wallow in bed and cry your eyes out over some great comfort food. Or maybe you’re the type of person who immediately reactivates their Tinder profile and starts scouring for a rebound. Whatever the case, there’s a movie to inspire you along the way, and it's probably even streaming on Netflix. Don't worry, it's totally acceptible to Netflix and chill by yourself.