The Best Movies To Watch On Ecstasy

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Whether you're looking for a good movie to come down to or the perfect background for a drug-fueled night in with friends, here you'll find some great movies to watch on ecstasy. When it comes to what to watch on MDMA, bright colors and stunning visuals are a must, and quality rave music is definitely a bonus. While you may be having too much fun to pay close attention to these films, they'll at least help enhance the atmosphere as you roll. Just keep in mind that these are not necessarily  movies about ecstasy but rather what you want to watch while rolling.

From surreal films with amazing production value to documentaries that capture natural beauty, you have some great choices here. You can take an epic journey with hobbits in The Lord of the Rings or chill out to some soothing Beatles tunes with Across the Universe. Browse this list and make your choice for great movies to watch on molly! 

Regardless of which route you decide to go, be sure to vote for the best movies to watch on MDMA to help others in your current predicament. And, as always, please roll responsibly!

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