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Ann Casano
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List Rules Movies that are fun to watch while drinking because their plots are easy to follow, they are funny, feature drinking, or any other reason.

Let’s say you’re headed back from the bar with your friends, it’s 2 am, and you’re all drunk. After you order pizza and grab a few more cold ones from the fridge, you and buddies decide to put on a movie. What sort of film will fit the picture? Chances are no one is reaching for Schindler’s List or an Academy Award winner with heavy drama. This is the time to put on a fun movie with a nice easy plot. These are the best movies to watch while drinking or, depending on how late in the night you fire up Netflix, the best movies to watch while you're drunk.

Just because a movie is on this “drunk list,” it doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, most of the films listed here are classics in their own way. But if we’re being totally honest, the stupid humor in a comedy like Happy Gilmore or Superbad is going to induce more hearty belly laughs if you’re watching it with your pals after a few sudsy pints, than if you're watching it totally sober.

Most of the movies on this list are comedies. And we’re not talking about the sophisticated, meta-type Woody Allen low chuckle type comedy. These funny films are raunchy and many depict booze-filled debauchery, and toilet humor. Call them low-brow if you must, but that doesn’t mean anything if you're looking for the best movies to drink during an alcohol-filled evening.

Other films on this list are just super cool and entertaining. Anything with the name Quentin Tarantino above the title is going to ooze stylized cinema. And there is never a bad time to watch True Romance.

So raise a glass and make a toast, it’s inebriated movie time. But before you pass out, be sure to upvote your favorite films to watch while drinking, or when you’re already drunk.
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Old School

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Happy Gilmore

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