The Best Movies Where The Director Is Directing His Wife

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Vote up your favorite movies where the director and actress were married at the time of filming.

It's time to vote for the best movies starring the director's wife. Director and actress couples are nothing new in motion pictures. Charlie Chaplin directed wife Paulette Goddard in The Great Dictator all the way back in 1940. They also made 1936's Modern Times together shortly before secretly tying the knot. More recently, Paul W.S. Anderson directed his wife Milla Jovovich in the 2016 sequel Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Plenty of other examples have existed in between.

Presumably, directing one's spouse can have its pros and cons. The big downside would be that any creative differences on set might spill over into life at home. On the plus side, when the director and star are married, there is a strong sense of trust that can benefit the film as a whole. The director knows what his lead actress is capable of, and she knows that he'll make sure all the conditions are right for her to deliver the sort of performance she's ready to give. 

Several of the most notable names in cinema have directed their wives, including Orson Welles, Brian De Palma, Judd Apatow, and Jean-Luc Goddard. When it works, audiences get to witness pure magic.

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