The Best Movies With Snowstorms

The best movies with snowstorms are the ones that feature epic blizzards and terrifying ice storms. These films also include some of the best winter movies, as well as some of the greatest Christmas movies. Some of these films have been remade, but they're still great in their own right.

What are the best movies with snowstorms? Vote up your favorites below! Some good examples from this list include The Thing, which is a remake of John Carpenter's classic film about an alien creature that terrorizes a group scientists in Antarctica; The Shining, which is based on Stephen King's novel about a family who stays at an isolated hotel during a terrible winter storm; and A Christmas Story, which is one of the funniest holiday-themed comedies ever made. Other good titles on this list include Frozen and Whiteout.

Which films will you vote to the top spot on the list?