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The Best Mr. Sketch Marker Scents

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Remember being in first grade and the only marker you could get for art time was the useless brown marker that was only good if you were drawing dogs or turds? It wasn't because the other colors were so popular; it was because your classmates were pen-sniffing addicts who couldn't get enough of the red pen that smelled like sweet, delicious cherries or the enchanting scent of blueberry blue. These future paint-huffers are to blame for your smeared rendition of the American flag. Jerks. If you're scratching your head wondering why these magical, candy-scented pens were missing from your art box, chances are you were a child whose parents didn't love you enough to buy you cool things, but read on anyway because good news, man: you can buy your own pens now.

Mr. Sketch pens were the best and worst thing to ever happen to coloring time: the scented pens were a glorious break from the empty barrels of Rose Art $.99 pen packs and the markers got you high if you "weren't careful" when sniffing them. Of course, the scented school supplies lasted a maddeningly short period of time after which they became chunky weapons of terrible coloring. Whatever your take on these nostalgia inducing school supplies, there's no denying that great markers make for great children's art. And high kids.

This list of Mr. Sketch scents lists all the best Mr. Sketch pen flavors for you to vote on. Whether you think grape is great or apple is awesome, vote for the top pen scents on this greatest Mr. Sketch pen flavors list. And then go back to huffing some glue. For real, there are some weird things kids are getting high on these days...