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The Best MTV Eye Candy Quotes

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Here are the top 10 quotes from MTV's Eye Candy, aka your new guilty pleasure. If creepy killers and murder mysteries are your thing, then you will love the intrigue of Eye Candy. The show premiered on MTV in 2015 and was created by Christian Taylor. It features a talented cast including Victoria Justice, Casey Jon Deidrick and Kiersey Clemons. One of the things that makes the show great is the fantastic writing and snappy dialogue. This list features Eye Candy's best quotes and one-liners, which you can vote on. Vote for the best Eye Candy quotes and dialogue you see below, and if one of your favorites is missing, let us know in the comments and we'll add it to the list!
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    Not Okay

    Sophia: "I signed up for a serial killer, not a mass-murdering play-guy who wants to blow up my club. You said everything would be okay. This is so not okay."
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    Lindy on the Internet

    Lindy Sampson: "The internet's a place where you can create an illusion, show people only what you want them to see."
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    Homemade Water Bed

    George: "People sweat a liter of water into their mattress every night. That's practically a water bed."
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    Not Fair

    Ben: "This isn't exactly fair."

    Lindy: "That I took your gun?"

    Ben: "No. That I'm virtually naked and you're not."
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