The Best Muffler Brands

This list contains information about muffler brands, ranked from best to worst by user votes. The best muffler brands come in many forms. Some top muffler brands are made for the everyday consumer, while many great muffler brands are designed with racing in mind. Good muffler companies offer products at a variety price points.

What companies will you find on this best muffler brands list? Dynomax appears near the top of the heap. This top muffler manufacturer is known for its high performance, stainless steel exhaust systems suitable for various makes and models. Dynomax also makes mufflers designed for limited-space situations. MagnaFlow is another good company that makes mufflers.

Megan Racing manufactures a selection of mufflers for modified race cars. Other good companies that appear on this top muffler brands list include Thrush, Cherry Bomb, and Vibrant Performance.

Do you have a favorite muffler brand? Give the best companies a thumbs up and please add any good muffler manufactures we may have missed.
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