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The Best Mukbang YouTubers

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While outsiders may see the art of the mukbang as one of the oddest of the popular trends on YouTube, fans of these mukbang YouTubers are in no way baffled by the viral success that comes from individuals eating a heavy amount of calories on camera. There is something incredibly satisfying about mukbang YouTube videos, which let you vicariously eating through another person. Not to mention, the top mukbang videos often point viewers in the direction of some seriously tasty food suggestions. Who are the best mukbangers in the game? Help decide below! 

Many mukbang YouTube channels appeal to a niche group. Whether you like vegan mukbang YouTubers or Korean mukbang YouTubers, this list has it all. Some channels, like Wendy's Eating Show and hyuneeEats, feature videos of YouTubers eating whatever foods they are craving that day. Regardless of the approach, the mukbang trend continues to be incredibly popular in the YouTube community and shows no signs of dying down any time soon. Other good mukbang YouTubers include KEEMI, Nikocado Avocado, Yuka Kinoshita, MommyTang, and Veronica Wang.

Which mukbang YouTubers are the best? Vote your favorite YouTube mukbang stars to the top of the list, and feel free to add any of the best mukbang channels you think are missing! 

  • Dorothy1
    Min Ga-in, also known as Dorothy, is a Korean YouTuber best known for posting mukbang videos...
  • Stephanie Soo2
    Stephanie Soo (born November 27, 1995), also known as MissMangoButt, is a YouTuber who posts... more on Wikipedia
  • Yuka Kinoshita3
    Yuka Kinoshita (born February 4, 1985) is a competitive eater with an enormously successful...
    SAS-ASMR (born July 20, 1982) is a YouTube phenomenon specializing in eating, whispering and...
  • Bloveslife5
    Bethany Gaskin (born April 2, 1975) is a food YouTuber who launched her YouTube channel...
  • KEEMI6
    Keemi Kim (born June 1, 1990) is a Korean YouTuber who publishes "How To" recipe videos to her...
  • hyuneeEats7
    Hyunee (born May 22, 1990) is a Member of the mukbang community on YouTube who is seen eating...
  • Peggie Neo8
    Peggie Neo (born January 6, 1986) is a food enthusiast widely known on her self-titled channel...
  • 나도Nado 9


  • BenDeen10
    Benjamin Schultz (born June 20, 1990), better known as BenDeen, is a Korean American vlogger...
  •  쏘영 Ssoyoung11

    쏘영 Ssoyoung

  • N.E Lets Eat12
    N.E Lets Eat is a combined mukbang and ASMR channel featuring mom Sissi (born August 19, 1984)...
  • Banzz13
    Jung Man-soo (born September 15, 1990), better known as Banzz, is a Korean YouTuber who has...
  • suellASMR14
    suellASMR (born December 5, 1982) is a YouTube content creator who has become extremely...

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  • MommyTang15
    MommyTang (born February 6, 1975) is a mukbang YouTube sensation known for her vegan Korean...
  • Shukii16
    Choi Seulgi is a Korean mukbang YouTuber whose channel primarily features eating videos. With...
  • Food Tales17
    Food Tales is a mukbang YouTube channel featuring Trinity and Bo. Their channel primarily...
  • Josh Peck18
    Joshua Michael Peck (born November 10, 1986) is an American actor, voice actor, comedian, and... more on Wikipedia

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  • blndsundoll4mj19
    Trisha Kay Paytas (born May 8, 1988) is an American Internet personality, actress, singer, and... more on Wikipedia

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  • Veronica Wang20
    Veronica Wang (born June 18, 1992) is a Canadian YouTube star who is widely known for her...
  • Divine Munchies21
    Star Brady (born May 14, 1987), better known as Divine Munchies, is a Mukbang YouTuber whose...
  • Meesh LA22
    Michelle Fowler (born October 31, 1992) is a popular mukbang YouTuber who has become famous...
  • Wendy's Eating Show23
    Wendy (born March 19, 1993) is a member of the Mukbang community on YouTube who uploads eating...
  • Nikocado Avocado24
    Nicholas Perry (born May 19 1992) is a food blogger best known for his mukbang videos which...
  • Hungry Cakes25
    Becky (born February 8, 1985), better known as Hungry Cakes, is a ASMR and mukbang YouTuber...