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All Of South Park's Multi-Part Episodes, Ranked by Fans

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Over the years, South Park has developed a reputation for taking sharp, satirical jabs at contemporary culture and world politics. The show’s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have a history of writing South Park stories that take more than a mere half hour to tell. The best South Park multi-part episodes opt to take a more in-depth look at a particular storyline, one that can provide both a detailed critique of a particular topic and additional insight into a character's backstory. While all of the episodes below have their charm, which multi-parters truly stand out? Here, you can help decide. 

There is very little, if anything, that's off limits for Trey Parker and Matt Stone and some of the below mutli-part episodes really dive deep into complex issues. The Black Friday Trilogy takes a hard hit at the rampant capitalism associated with the holiday season via an on-point Game of Thrones parody. The Imaginationland saga, a fan favorite, looks into the power fear can play in decision making and how dangerous that can be on a global scale. However, not every multi-parter tackles heavy-handed subjects. Some, like the duology tracing Cartman's paternity, explore a character's backstory. Others, like the Meteor Shower Trilogy of Season 3, are more or less just strange to be strange (but the results are still hilarious). 

Below, browse this list of South Park multi-part episodes and be sure to vote up the highest quality multi-parters. For more South Park content, vote on the best religious episodes here

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    Black Friday Trilogy

    "Black Friday" (Season 17, Episode 7)
    "A Song of Ass and Fire" (Season 17, Episode 8)
    "T*tties and Dragons" (Season 17, Episode 9)

    The kids of South Park attract the attention of actual tech CEOs as they squabble over Xbox versus Playstation while playing Game of Thrones. Meanwhile, Randy becomes a mall security guard during Black Friday sales and Butters visits George R.R. Martin to err some grievances.


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    Imaginationland Trilogy

    "Imaginationland" (Season 11, Episode 10)
    "Imaginationland, Episode II" (Season 11, Episode 11)
    "Imaginationland, Episode III" (Season 11, Episode 12)

    The compilation focuses on the idea of good versus evil as the boys break into Imaginationland, where Butters inadvertently gets left behind. After a terrorist attack, the government gets involved, leading to a convoluted showdown dominated by both benevolent and terrifying fictional beings. As a bonus for avid fans, the episode added a throwback to Season 8's Christmas special by tossing Cartman's Satanic woodland critters into the mix. 

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    The Coon Trilogy

    "Coon 2: Hindsight" (Season 14, Episode 11)
    "Mysterion Rises" (Season 14, Episode 12)
    "Coon vs. Coon & Friends" (Season 14, Episode 13) 

    A complicated saga drawn out over three episodes, the Coon Trilogy shows Cartman facing off against the other boys' superhero personas after he teams up with Cthulu. Fans also get some glimpses into Kenny's backstory and Parker and Stone take some jabs at the oil company BP for their mishandling of oil spills. 

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    Episode 200 Duology

    "200" (Season 14, Episode 5)
    "201" (Season 14, Episode 6)

    Led by Tom Cruise, 200 celebrities file a class action lawsuit against South Park because of all the times they have been ridiculed/slandered by the the town's residents. Cruise will drop the lawsuit if the town can arrange for him to meet the Prophet Muhammad. Meanwhile, the mystery of Cartman's father is once again explored.


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