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The Best Multiplayer VR Games To Play With Your Friends

Updated 27 Feb 2020 149 votes 13 voters30 items

Looking for the best multiplayer VR games? While most virtual reality games are already a blast to play, when you throw your friends in the mix it can make for an even more enjoyable, if not somewhat chaotic, gameplay experience. From VR chat rooms to puzzle games to classic-style first-person shooters, the VR market has expanded significantly, especially when it comes to multiplayer games. 

So if strapping on a headset and hanging out with your friends in a digital world sounds like your ideal way to spend a Saturday evening (or any evening, really), then we have some great suggestions to make that dream a reality... a virtual reality. 

Whether you’re specifically looking for PS4 VR multiplayer games or are simply in the market for a few fun (and free) co-op games, the ever-growing world of all things virtual reality has more titles than you probably realize. Do you and your buds currently have a favorite multiplayer VR game? Vote up all the best titles that are a blast when played in a group, and add your own picks if they’re missing from the list.

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