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The Best Music Anime of All Time

Updated June 5, 2021 14.5k votes 5.3k voters 94.8k views40 items

Tari Tari, Kids on the Slope, & Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad. If you've seen these shows, you know they have one thing in common- they're all about music, singing, playing in a band, or learning to play a musical instrument. With so many popular musical anime that exists today, we've decided to rank the best music anime of all time, with help from fans like you. If you're looking for an anime where the main character learns to play guitar, then definitely check out Beck (you won't be disappointed, it's an amazing coming of age story that blends in rock and roll music.) Other anime listed here feature chorus groups, and students learning music in high school.

Vote for your favorite series on this list that you've seen, so the best stuff will be at the top of the list! 

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