The Most Popular Music & Rhythm Games Of 2022 That Will Make You Bust A Move

2022 is the year of music and rhythm! The best music games of 2022 are filled with a variety of catchy songs that have players singing every word and the best rhythm games of 2022 offer players simple gameplay mechanics that can match every beat to every song. Game developers flex their musical tastes, and creativity by creating a game that is incredibly imaginative and filled with catchy music and beats. Featuring the latest releases and long-awaited sequels, this list showcases titles from every genre from the most popular shooters of the year to the best indie games of 2022 that nobody knows about.

Some of the most popular music and rhythm games of 2022 includes titles like Just Dance 2022, and Osu captivated players for its simple gameplay and catchy beats. Meanwhile other titles such as Bullets Per minute, and Ragnarock features a unique take on the genre and showcases exciting and fast-paced gameplay that is only matched with the soundtrack. What are the top 10 music and rhythm games of 2022?

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