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The most seductive pop stars are the ones that bare it all. Even if what they're baring isn't bearable to large audiences. Here's a list of the best music videos where pop stars get naked.

People have been getting naked since the dawn of time and getting naked to perform music is an age-old tradition. Some people make nudity funny like Blink-182 in their video for "All The Small Things." Others attempt to make nudity seductive like Miley Cyrus in "Wrecking Ball." These videos are hosted on YouTube so there isn't any actual nudity, just plenty of blurring and convenient camera angles. Though depending on your office atmosphere, some of these videos might be considered Not Safe For Work (NSFW). Maybe just save this list for when you're in the privacy of your own home. 
At home you can watch these videos featuring a nude Rihanna or D'Angelo without your boss looking over your shoulder. Whenever you do watch the videos on this list, vote up your favorites or vote down the nudity you wish you could un-see.
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California Gurls by Katy Perry

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Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke (Ft. Pharrell Williams & T.I.)

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Stay by Rihanna

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